Sur™ is a small company with a big goal: To create clean but powerful plant-based supplements that we can scientifically demonstrate actually improve athletic performance.  The Van Drunen family has been discovering, researching and developing ingredients sourced from nature to improve human health for decades. After years of research, Sur is now releasing its first product: AltRed™. AltRed is a groundbreaking phytonutrient supplement that uses a newly discovered technology to unleash the unique athletic performance and recovery benefits of betalain. The betalain in AltRed comes from the pigments founds in beets, which Sur isolates from the plant through a patented process. Based on clinical studiesthe team at Sur has discovered that stabilized and concentrated betalains have a profound effect on athletes, improving their performance and recovery.


Modcraft teamed up with Sur in 2017 to launch their first product, AltRed, to the active and healthy lifestyle space through strategic brand communication and PR marketing. By developing and managing the first year of AltRed’s authentic Ambassador program, Modcraft has been able to approach and expand the Social market in a specific way to their customer base. Additionally, Modcraft has assisted Sur with press announcements such as their expanding their sponsored  Elite Athletes and teams including Cat Bradley, Nicole Mericle, and the Timex Multisport Team.